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Hello Guys , 

Let's go talk about some useful sites for web camera chatting with people .

There are many chat apps out there when it comes to random talking with strangers but i'm here to help you guys select the best one. I almost tested most of them but the only site that satisfied me was AlloTalk they made a great video camera chat app recently, I can say it's the safest option to have fun and chatting with random peers i can surely say Allotalk is the fastest webcam chat site around the internet They previously have been running a chat rooms site but due to some reasons they decided to switch to a new random video chat platform instead of those old fashioned chat rooms and it seems they don't want waste money on an out dated platform anymore .

In my opinion those old school chat rooms with those slow operation has no functionality anymore those chat sites are getting out of date and soon will become useless. nowadays we need native mobile chat app experience for users .I personally wouldn't waste my time on a slow platform with those slow mysql queries that's a waste of resources and time. people won't like slow and shitty chat sites in 2022. Web 3.0 is coming out so things need to be changed completely.

So AlloTalk CEO has made a wise decision to completely change the site and made it from scratch along with new TOS and privacy policy. they no longer allow teens under 18 to use the app, a good decision they made!  the point is the new platform is even faster and safer the old one and their staff are taking care of the site moderation and monitoring . you only need follow their rules and if you saw some inappropriate behavior report the offenders and they will be banned instantly.

AlloTalk Chat App is now providing free video chat service to people who like to meet new friends and just want to chat randomly.

People are bored in this shitty pandemic time so the best thing they can do is using a web camera to meet new people without needing to go out . they can chat from home with anyone they want from the US or from all over the world. so AlloTalk is helping people to have some fun at home via their video camera and mobile phones.

Happy chatting AlloTalkers!

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