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Organa Keto: Sports can help people of all ages maintain and improve the health of their heart, lungs and blood vessels. This means that even though tomatoes are a perfectly healthy food to eat raw, you can get just as many nutrients (or even more) by eating tomato products like canned tomatoes. Chromium plays a role in helping the body maintain a healthy blood sugar level, while selenium plays a role in thyroid hormone production. Cysteine protects your body from free radicals, which are harmful compounds in your body that damage DNA and cell membranes, according to the University of Maryland Medical Center. A diet rich in fiber may lower your blood cholesterol, aid in the proper functioning of your bowels and reduce your risk of developing heart disease and type-2 diabetes.Lauren Whitney covers science, health, fitness, fashion, food and weight loss. http://www****rciniamarket.com/organa-keto/