Introduction Of Printing On Flat Screen Printing Machine

Several printing methods of the above Flat Screen Printing Machine are shared here.

Printing has a history of more than 2,000 years in China. As a kind of printing with a wide range of applications, screen printing has changed a lot from the original manual printing to the current fully automatic printing. There are many types of printers, ink properties and substrate types. What are the printing methods of flat screen printers?

   1. Paper base printing: small-scale lithography using paper as the plate material.

   2. Transfer printing: a printing method in which the printing color is first printed on a medium and then transferred from the medium to the substrate.

   3. Transcription printing: hand-made wax paper mimeograph.

   4. Lithography: lithography for short. The lithographic direct printing process using stone as the printing plate.

   5. Copper-zinc printing: also known as letterpress printing. Use copper or zinc plate as the printing method of printing plate.

   6. Resin plate printing: a printing method using resin, nylon, etc. as the printing plate.

   7. Woodcut watermark: also known as woodblock watermark. A traditional process that divides the drawing into several printing plates and then prints with water-soluble picture color.

   8, light printing: also known as office printing system. Printing system with phototypesetting, small offset printing machine and small binding machine.

   9. Network printing: The so-called special printing is to print products and media that cannot be printed by conventional equipment and technology through special equipment and special technology. The equipment that can carry out this kind of printing mainly includes: screen printing machine, gravure printing machine, lithographic UV printer, UV offset printing machine.

  10. Colrotype printing: also known as glass printing. The photosensitive layer is coated with thick glass and exposed with negative images to form different water absorption. Print using the principle of mutual exclusion of oil and water.

Several printing methods of the above Flat Screen Printing Machine are shared here. In addition to the conventional printing methods (offset printing, relief printing, gravure printing, and screen printing), other printing methods can also be classified as special printing. .