Classification Of Flat Screen Printer In The Market

In a moment of free time, today I will introduce to you how Flat Screen Printer is classified in the market?

In a moment of free time, today I will introduce to you how Flat Screen Printer is classified in the market? Presumably there are still many people who don't know this well. Then put your ears up and listen.

  1. The flat screen printing machine uses a flat screen to print on a flat substrate. Usually, the scraping plate is pressed against the printing plate and moves horizontally, and the substrate is replaced after the printing plate rises and falls.
  2. Curved screen printing machine, using a flat screen plate to print on a round substrate, usually the scraping plate is fixed, the printing plate moves horizontally, and the substrate rolls with the line speed of the printing plate.
  3. Rotary screen printing machine. Using a cylindrical screen plate, a wedge-shaped squeegee or squeegee roller is installed inside the cylinder, and the linear speed of the printing plate rolling and the substrate movement is the same.
  4. Fully automatic screen printing machine. Automatic feeding, printing, drying, and receiving, saving labor, customer service

Constrained by the weather; the pressure is balanced, the ink layer is thick, and products of different specifications can be printed. The key is greatly improved

Work efficiency, effectively reduce material loss, and can position and print products with high precision, with accurate color registration. The fully automatic screen printing machine can be developed and designed according to customer needs and formulated into the model that customers want. Everything is based on the requirements of customers, doing practical things and doing good things.

  1. Semi-automatic screen printing machine. For example, the semi-automatic vertical machine and the semi-automatic inclined arm machine require manual discharging to realize the subsequent printing process, and the process is more complicated than that of the fully automatic machine. The front and rear net clamp arms are equipped with a plate spacing adjustment device, which is easy to adjust and the angle of ink scraping and ink return can be adjusted. Its action is flexible and convenient to use.

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