Roles and Responsibilities of Ethical Hacking

Learn the roles and responsibilities of Ethical Hacking here.

Ethical Hackers need to follow some guidelines to perform legal hacking. A good hacker should be aware of his responsibility.

- Ethical Hackers need to get approval from the company before performing security evaluation.

- Regulate the evaluation scope.

- Report security violations as well.

- Delete every track of hacking and delete the vulnerabilities. 

Ethical Hackers need to evaluate social engineering features and defense agreements of a company. Hackers are divided into three types, they are - grey hat hacking, black hat hacking and white hat hacking. Join an Ethical Hacking course in Chennai to learn more about hacking techniques. As per the student needs both weekdays and weekend classes are offered. Use this opportunity and equip your skills in this field with best guidance. 

Pay for Ethical Hacking professionals

An ethical hacker needs to follow the following rules to become a professional hacker.

Security Architect:

A security architect can earn more than INR 20,000 annually in India. The salary is increased due to high demand. Ethical Hackers can grab a job in any organization. Every company needs to face web-related and internet-facing work.

One should become an expert in programming, scripting command, database knowledge, networking expertise to get a job in the hacking field. Ethical Hacking Online course makes you more comfortable in this field. Join here to get a better future. 

Penetration Tester:

A penetration tester can earn 600000 - 1300000 annually. An experienced tester can get 8000000 - 9000000 annually. 

Security Operations Center:

A SOC analyst gets INR 530000 annually on an average in India. 

Forensic Investigator:

According to the recent survey, a forensic investigator can earn $98,025 annually. Ethical Hackers are in great demand now. Enroll the Hacking course in Chennai to get a job in MNC companies with a good package.

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