With specialized training, you need to devote all day, preferably a day off. Then the athlete every hour (within 12 hours) on a lagging muscle group makes 3 sets of 6-8 repetitions of his chosen basic exercise, resting between sets for 3 minutes.

Maxatron Plus The execution edge is not clean Maxatron Plus Male Enhancement slow. This is followed by the main work, which occupies 50% of the total load. The weights on the projectiles are maximum, the number of repetitions is stable - they are 10. Completion of the lower leg muscles is “injection”, which is 25% of the workout, when the athlete in cheating performs 15-25 repetitions. Below we give the table of approaches. In this specialized training on the calf muscles, the athlete performs only 5 approaches, but these approaches themselves are composed of separate parts. For example, take the exercise "Shin in the machine standing." The exercise begins with 15 clean, correctly executed repetitions, after which the athlete relaxes his legs for a few seconds Maxatron Plus Male Enhancement performs 8 more clean repetitions. Immediately after this, there is a series of semi-movements with partial amplitude, which are performed in “cheating”, fixing the position at the top of the movement for a moment until a feeling of nagging Maxatron Plus Male Enhancement muscle pain appears. Thus, the first approach of the exercise is completed. Specialized training in this system is most effective during the first two weeks of training. Specialization of the back muscles If you exercise correctly in the initial period, then the back muscles will never lag. Bodybuilders rarely face the problematic issues of training this muscle group. Despite this, below we offer two options for specialized training on the back muscles. Well develop the abdominal muscles can anyone involved. It is important to constantly work on this group of muscles so that later you don’t have to “catch up” with other groups.