Massage Therapy

Massage tones or soothes, depending on the speed and depth of the technique. Therefore, he can both encourage the man and make him able to participate in the marathon, and make him relax and fall asleep.

Massage (from French. Massage, masser - rub, from Arab. Mass - touch, fumble) - therapeutic method, which consists in the dosed mechanical and reflex effect on the organs and tissues of the body, carried out by the hand of the massage therapist or special apparatus.

Massage has a variety of physiological effects on the body: therapeutic, sedative, tonic, tonic, prophylactic, etc. Under the influence of massage there are a number of local and general reactions involving different organs, tissues and systems of the human body.

 Types of massage:

1 segmental reflex
a) segmental
b) paravertebral, (point),
c) periosteal,
d) connective tissue,
2. therapeutic
a) percussion,
b) resuscitation,
c) can,
d) ice applications,
e) in traumas and diseases
e) rehabilitation
3. sports
a) training,
b) restorative,
C) pre-start,
d) in sports injuries and diseases.
In addition, there are also types of massages that are dedicated to special courses:
4. hygienic,
5 cosmetic,
6. self-massage,
7. hardware massage
a) vibrational,
b) vacuum,
c) hydromassage.

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